anilen ardines - slpa




Anilen is a Speech Language Pathology Assistant in the state of Florida. She received her Bachelor Degree in Defectology in 1996 from the Universidad Felix Varela, in Santa Clara, Cuba. She worked in the “Center of Development for Deaf and Hearing Impaired Children” (1996-1997) and at the “Frank Pais” special school for children with special needs in psychic development (1998-1999).

In 2007, Anilen obtained her Bachelor Degree in Special Education in the State of Florida, and ultimately, her license in Speech Language Pathology Assistance. Anilen has been working at Therapy Alliance since 2009. She has clinical experience working with Articulation / Phonological Disorders, Development Delays, Oral Motor Therapy, Pragmatic / Social Skills, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Expressive / Receptive Language Disorders, etc.